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Identification of species of plants, insects, or other strange things encountered in east central Georgia.

Georgia Wildflowers

Georgia is host to over 300 species of wildflowers.   In our forests you will find flowers everywhere you look.  While flowers can be found in the spring, summer, and fall, summer flowers are everywhere.  Here is a sampling of flowers I … Continue reading

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Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads or Mud Bugs

  Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdad, or Mud Bug If you were a child growing up in the south anywhere near creeks, streams, or backwaters you probably encountered these strange looking water creatures that were reminiscent of minature lobsters.   We called them … Continue reading

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  This time of the year our forest are peppered with a large weed with dark red or almost black berries.  Frequently I am asked if they are edible.  The general answer is no, they are poisonous.  Birds do eat … Continue reading

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Hornets Nest

  We have all heard the expression “Don’t stir up a hornets nest!”  There are good reasons.  Hornet’s Nests are found throughout our region of Georgia and South Carolina.  They may may seem harmless enough at a distance but they … Continue reading

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Cow Killer or Velvet Ant

Quite often I see the somewhat ominous looking “Cow Killer” ant.  The name inspires dread and indeed these insects look like they could pack a serious sting.  In actuality they are not an ant but rather a type of wingless … Continue reading

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