Pond Siphon Systems

Prior to the 1970s almost all pond drainage and overflow systems were made out of galvanized pipe.  A pipe was embedded during construction at the bottom of the pond with a standpipe protruding upward to the desired level of the water.  These systems preformed adequately but the had some serious short comings.

  • They rust out.  Galvanized piping, even when efforts were made to minimize it, have a very limited life span.  Typically this might be 15 to 20 years.  Replacing it without digging up the pond is almost impossible.
  • They drain water from the top of the pond.  The top couple of feet contain most of the nutrients for you fish and since the pond drains from the top, much of the nutrients are swept away with the drain water.

A new system provides answers to these problems and many pond builders have been installing syphon systems in both new ponds and as replacements for old galvanized systems.

Pond Siphon System diagram

Pond Siphon System


The advantages are that when made of Schedule 40 PVC  ( the same stuff your plumber uses ) the piping is virtually weatherproof for an untold number of years.  It drains from the bottom so little or no nutrients for your fish are flushed away.  Since the structures are glued together it is fairly easy to build.   To replace an existing galvanized system you must seal the old piping completely.  This can be done by stuffing sacks or other bulky items into the old pipes and then using submersible concrete such as Sakcrete into the pipes until you get a good seal.

Photo of a Pond Siphon System

Pond Syphon System

The only real disadvantage to the siphon system that I can see, is when draining the pond it is almost impossible to get to the very bottom of the pond.  Since you are left above the bottom you cannot completely drain the pond.  If you are replacing fish you may have to use a fish kill to totally start over with your fish population.

A complete description of a Pond Siphon System is available.

You can look here for parts in Georgia and further information.


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6 Responses to Pond Siphon Systems

  1. ge petrea says:

    I have an existing 3 ac pond it has a 10in stand pipe 2 18in run arounds very little water shed less than 1in after 7yrs can i convert existing sch40 stand pipe into siphon system

  2. You can’t really convert the conventional system to a siphon system but you can replace the existing system by sealing the old system and them installing a new siphon system. Unfortunately it still means that you have to cut a trench into your dam at the water line. 10″ Schedule 40 for the new construction might be overkill. 8″ in probably more than enough.

  3. Brenda LeFer says:

    Hello I have a one ac pond and the old 60 plus ceramic/cement overflow pipe system is leaking. One pond guy once to place glavinzed pipe which I not in favor of. The local guy once to do the siphon which I think is top dog and the way to go. The address/pond is visible on any google map at 7000 Koweta Road, Fairburn GA, 30213. Over the years it has filled in and my question is do we go ahead and pay big bucks to dig out at least 1/4 low end or can we do later. We would not mind an on site evaluation. Do you do such? Plus and repair cost. Brenda Cell#770-238-7349,,,,Home 770-964-1187. Tks so much for your web site,,first site that shows and explains the Siphon setup.

  4. Marc Richards says:

    I have been in the pond business about 10 years. Richards Land Development 706-401-0809

  5. Check these guys out they built our pond and converted another to a dual siphon system as we are in the mountains and they can get the rising water down in a hurry. Did a great job with anchors and screens for less headache for us.

  6. Russell Winter says:

    I have a pond that needs a siphon system . It is 35 years old and the pipe is rusted thru. Pond down about 5 feet. I have a 18 inch free flow pipe thru bottom of dam. I was told by one pond man a 12 inch siphon pipe would be enough and another said a 16 inch pipe. I have only one time in 35 years seen it high enough to get into the run around but not actually run around. I want it done right the first time.

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