Rabbit Tobacco (Gnaphalium obtusifolium)



Rabbit Tobacco is abundantly found throughout our area of Georgia.  It can be found in almost any fallow field.  The leaves of this plant were often smoked by Indians and early settlers in pipes.  The astringent taste leaves much to be desired but was widely used for its medicinal effects.  Its leaves were also used in teas and brews.  Thought to relieve congestion, it was harvested and its leaves were dried.

Mostly discarded today, it still may be used by children as a way to sneak a smoke in a corn cob pipe. 


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Tice Brashear is the President of Brashear Realty Corporation. He is a licensed real estate broker and has over 37 years experience in selling land, farms, acreage, commercial and investment properties. He is a past President of the Georgia Association of Realtors and a past President of the Augusta Board of Realtors.
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3 Responses to Rabbit Tobacco (Gnaphalium obtusifolium)

  1. Gene Dotson says:

    Best bacca my son and I ever smoked.

  2. Yvonne hunter says:

    Where can I buy the live plant from

  3. Yvonne hunter says:

    Where can I get the live plant from

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