Georgia Land For Sale: Market Watch

We here at Georgia Country Blog are a blog about land and land ownership.  We are owners, buyers and sellers of land.  We love land.  We love to talk about land, but we also make our living in the land business.  So, periodically it’s worth discussing the state of the land market for our readers who may happen to own land they want to sell, or for those who want or are considering purchasing land for sale in Georgia.  (If you have an interest in buying land in Georgia or selling land in Georgia you can also visit our company website.)

I plan to make this a recurring feature on this blog.  Checking the numbers roughly once a quarter.  The basic information will be interesting in its own right, but watching how these numbers change over time will give us a great feeling on trends in the market.

All of the information here is compiled from the Greater Augusta Association of Realtors MLS.  It covers a good portion of east central Georgia, including Richmond, Columbia, Lincoln, Wilkes, McDuffie, Warren, Glascock, Jefferson and Burke Counties among others.

There are currently 382 active listings of land for sale in Georgia that are larger than 5 acres in the GAAR MLS.  Lets take a look at some of the breakdown on the data from November 1, 2010 to May 1, 2011.  That represents roughly the last six months of activity in our market area. Continue reading

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Pond Siphon Systems

Prior to the 1970s almost all pond drainage and overflow systems were made out of galvanized pipe.  A pipe was embedded during construction at the bottom of the pond with a standpipe protruding upward to the desired level of the water.  These systems preformed adequately but the had some serious short comings.

  • They rust out.  Galvanized piping, even when efforts were made to minimize it, have a very limited life span.  Typically this might be 15 to 20 years.  Replacing it without digging up the pond is almost impossible.
  • They drain water from the top of the pond.  The top couple of feet contain most of the nutrients for you fish and since the pond drains from the top, much of the nutrients are swept away with the drain water.

A new system provides answers to these problems and many pond builders have been installing syphon systems in both new ponds and as replacements for old galvanized systems.

Pond Siphon System diagram

Pond Siphon System


The advantages are that when made of Schedule 40 PVC  ( the same stuff your plumber uses ) the piping is virtually weatherproof for an untold number of years.  It drains from the bottom so little or no nutrients for your fish are flushed away.  Since the structures are glued together it is fairly easy to build.   To replace an existing galvanized system you must seal the old piping completely.  This can be done by stuffing sacks or other bulky items into the old pipes and then using submersible concrete such as Sakcrete into the pipes until you get a good seal.

Photo of a Pond Siphon System

Pond Syphon System

The only real disadvantage to the siphon system that I can see, is when draining the pond it is almost impossible to get to the very bottom of the pond.  Since you are left above the bottom you cannot completely drain the pond.  If you are replacing fish you may have to use a fish kill to totally start over with your fish population.

A complete description of a Pond Siphon System is available.

You can look here for parts in Georgia and further information.

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Cicadas return after 13 years

Cicada - 13 year Georgia

Adult Cicada

If you have been hearing a mysterious howling noise from the woods around our area, you may have wondered what caused this strange din.  Most likely it emanates from a most unlikely creature — the cicada.  There are over 2500 different species of varying colors and behaviour patterns.  The one you are likely hearing now, if you live near Augusta, Georgia is a 13 year cicada.  Cicadas live as nymphs for quite some time but their adult life is comparitively short, usually about three weeks.  Once every 13 years the nymphs crawl out of the ground where they have been feeding on roots and up onto leaves or the bark of trees.  There they quickly molt into an adult cicada.  The adults live only about 3 weeks but this is still enough time to mate and lay eggs.  The shell you see lifeless hanging on tree bark or leaves is the remnant of the cicada nymph and the slice along its back is the exit point for the adult.

Cicada Nymph Shell

Cicada Nymph Shell

 The cicadas are harmless to human and are even eaten in some societies.  They are also prey to many other species.  The 13 year cicadas are different than the more common perennial cicadas.  The perennial cicadas also have a 13 year life span but there are some present every year.  They can be distinguised by their green bodies and their appearance in July and August rather than in April and May.

Adult Cicada

Adult Cicada

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Georgia Hunting Regulations: Deer Baiting and HB 277

There has been an interesting bill that has been bouncing around the Georgia State Legislature this session involving baiting for whitetail deer and feral hogs in Georgia.  It’s progress has been reported recently around the state, but particularly in papers like this Tifton Gazette article on the deer baiting bill, that are situated in the southern zone which would be most effected.  Currently, it is legal in Georgia to provide “supplemental feed” for game animals on your property via corn, wheat, grains, salt, apples,etc.  However, it is also currently illegal to hunt over the supplemental food plots.  The current law states that you must hunt more than 200 yards away from where you have placed your feed.  Further, you must not have a line of sight to your supplemental food plot when hunting. 

The original Georgia House Bill 277 (you can see the bill’s progress and read the bill in its entirety at that link) would have allowed for baiting of whitetail deer and feral hogs throughout Georgia.  Continue reading

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Kayak and Canoeing in Augusta, Georgia

 If you’re like me you love the outdoors.  I prefer to be out in the woods a fair amount whenever possible.  I’ve found one of the most enjoyable ways to appreciate the wilds of nature also joins in with a couple of my other favorite past times, boating and photography.  Believe it or not, these activities mesh extremely well together.  As I spend a fair amount of time on my hobby of wildlife photography, I decided to try it with my love of getting out in my kayak or canoe and splash around.  The results were quite impressive as I quickly discovered the wildlife treats you very differently in a boat as opposed to how they react when you’re walking.  I was able to get quite close on numerous occassions and got some exquisite shots.

Green Heron catching his lunch on Betty’s Branch

Continue reading

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