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Poisonous Snakes of Georgia

It’s summer time.  This is the time of year folks are getting out and about and spending more time in the country.  We all enjoy getting out and taking walks, cycling, hunting and involving ourselves in various pursuits in the wild.  … Continue reading

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Brown Water Snakes

  Brown Water Snakes are very common in Georgia and South Carolina.  This snake is not aggressive and is usually quick to dart away if confronted.  It is almost universally regarded as a “moccasin,” and for that reason is quite … Continue reading

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Five good reasons to buy Land now!

    Mainstream  media has spent much time scaring would be investors away from any kind of real estate investments.  Our market has slowed.  Here are some good reasons to invest now. 1.  There are some bargains in the market.  In … Continue reading

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